Mobile Screen OCA Spray Cleaner 550ml

  • SUNSHINE SS-520 Mobile Screen OCA Spray Cleaner 550ml

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Mobile Screen OCA Spray Cleaner 550mlMobile Screen OCA Spray Cleaner 550mlMobile Screen OCA Spray Cleaner 550mlMobile Screen OCA Spray Cleaner 550ml









1. After tearing off the big piece of OCA attached on polarizer by hand, you can clean up the remaining OCA easily by using a non-dust cloth dipped a small amount of this product. After the OCA is dissolved, wipe it off gently with clean non-dust cloth which dipped with 530 contact cleaner or White electric oil.

2. If the remaining of OCA is too much when changing the polarizer or the cover of

Apple, you can place the dust-free cloth flat on the LCD and spray appropriate amount of the product, wait for 30 seconds, scrap gently the excess glue with the Eagle blade, and it can be quickly removed by wiping it with a clean cloth. The produce has remarkable cleaning effects for double side adhesive tape and pressure-sensitive adhesive, and it is the essent ial supply for mobile phone fitting factories, maintenance masters and cellphone screen protectors.

1. Please wear the gloves or fingerstalls if you touch it for a long time, as this debug liquid is alcohol .

2. Be care of the spraying dosage to avoid it penetrates into the backlight.

3. It is inflammable. Keep it away from high temperatures or open fire. No smoking when using. Store up in a cool place and the temperature should not lower than 50 degrees. Do not puncture or throw into the fire. Do not give children to play.

4. Avoid longtime and large amounts use for the joints of cables and connection

modules and rosin joints of cables.

5. Two years warranty, production standard Q/GZBCL 90.

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